Fashion Rx: This Year’s Trends, Clothes and Accessories

Before you are tempted to buy any new clothes for the Fall, take a few minutes and analyze what you have (and don’t have!) in your closet with this handdy Wardrobe Rx. It includes the 10 things every well-dressed woman needs to have right now. If the list seems a little boring, remember, these are the “basics.” It’s important to “build” a wardrobe, but in order to do that, you have to start with the foundation. The “fun” stuff comes after you’ve taken care of the basics. We’ll be covering all of that too, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.Wardrobe Rx: What You’ll Need Now1. Great pair of jeans: They should be long and fit you well!2. White cotton shirt: It’s timeless and every closet needs one. It must be crisp and “white,” so you may have to replace it each season.3. Sweater set: Pick your fabric: silk, merino wool, etc. Buy this in your favorite color!4. Casual pants: Cotton, tweed, cords, etc. but stick with a basic color, grey, brown, black, etc.5. Casual skirt: Follow the rules above for casual pants.6. Little black dress: You can dress this up with jewelry for a wedding or dress it down with sandals for a casual lunch.7. Black dress slacks: Pick the fit that’s best for you; they come in a variety of price ranges; remember, classic is best.8. Tailored suit: There are many styles to choose from; have it altered to fit you well; great for interviews, important meetings, etc.9. Cami: Something cute and basic. You’ll be wearing this with your suit, under your cardigan, etc.10. Trendy blouse: Have some fun with this one. Here’s where you let your personality show.All of these pieces work together really well and you’ll be surprised how many different combinations you can create with just 10 basic things!Wardrobe Rx: What You’ll Want Later… Weekend RetreatsWe’ve covered What You Need Now so let’s talk about What You’ll Want Later. You’ve got the foundation and now it’s time for some fun. Since it’s summer, and a lot of us go on weekend getaways, let’s talk about what you’ll need to pack for your next weekend retreat.1. Colorful sundress: Try a bright floral pattern.2. Casual sandals: Pick a neutral color and go for a lower heel because you’ll probably be doing some walking.3. Swimsuit & Cover-up: Choose a color and style that’s best for your body with a cover-up to match. There are many style cover-ups to choose from. You may even want to pick one that can be worn on its own as an outfit.4. Flip Flops: Again, pick a color that will go with your swimsuit as well as your casual outfits that you’ll be bringing along.5. Canvas Tote: This will be your “everything” bag for the weekend, i.e. purse, beach bag, etc.6. Shorts: Lots of lengths to select from this year. Pick what’s best for your legs. And, if shorts just aren’t your thing, try a cotton skirt.7. Capris: White or khaki is great for the summer and will go with any top.8. Halter top: Get this in your favorite color!9. Great t-shirt: This should fit you perfectly! Graphic tees are really cute and popular right now. Pick a fun, bright color you love.10. Sun glasses & hat: Big glasses are in, and this is great because they help protect our faces. But, don’t go too big. You’ll look like a bug, i.e. Nicole Richie. The hat can be anything from a cute baseball cap to a straw beach hat or cowboy hat.If you mix everything up, these weekend basics should give you about 6 different combinations and that should be plenty for 2-3 days away. If you are going to be doing a lot of site-seeing, you may want to throw a pair of jogging shoes in your bag too!Wardrobe Rx: What You’ll Want Later… Accessories Okay ladies, we are almost done. Just one more thing and you are set for any social event that might come up. And here is it. . .accessories! A few key accessories can turn 10 basic pieces into 30 different outfits! Here’s your shopping list:1. Great bag – This doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Oversized purses are in right now and that’s great for moms. Pick a color and fabric that will work with all you “basics.”2. Trendy belt – Skinny ones, wide ones and everything in between. Pick something fun to create a new look for a basic outfit.3. Classic pumps – This is an easy one. You’ll wear them with your classic suit, your black dress pants, your little black dress, etc. Go for a least a 2 inch heel.4. Evening purse – Cute and small! Have some fun with this one. This can give personality to your little black dress.5. Classic jewelry – Maybe some diamond earrings or a sting of pearls (and they don’t even have to be real, just classic). These will last you a lifetime and will dress up any outfit.6. Ballet flats – Very in style right now. Comfortable and will work great with casual pants and skirts.7. Fun jewelry – Wooden, beaded, there is so much to pick from. Select a necklace, bracelet and earrings that coordinate and can be mixed and matched. (Hint: This can really spice up the crisp white shirt.)8. Open toe strapy sandals – These can dress up your black pants or your sundress. It’s okay to wear them in the winter, just paint your toes first!9. Coat/jacket – If your budget allows, one long coat and one jacket is best. Base the fabric and style on your climate. But, the longer coat should work with your dressy pieces, i.e. black slacks, suit, black dress, etc. The jacket is for your jeans, casual pants and skirts, etc.10. Sweat suit – A must have for every soccer mom! Go for comfortable but stylish in a color that you’ll love to wear, because you’ll wear this a lot!Accessories add life and personality to your wardrobe. If you stick with classic clothing pieces and put your money into trendy accessories, you’ll spend less and always be in style.Okay, I think you are set. Get ready, get set, go SHOPPING! Have fun and let us know what you find!

Is Building Layout Really Important?

Building layout is the most important part of the home building process. Do not pass go, do not collect your $200 and do not start working on a building with out having it properly laid out. In other words, yes building layout is really important and if you don’t agree with that, there’s a good chance that I know what kind of a home builder you are.You’re building layout starts with your concrete foundation. If the concrete foundation isn’t laid out properly, you’re going to have problems with the rest of your house. What if the concrete building foundation is out of square or isn’t level at one corner? To put this in simple construction terms, you’re screwed and I mean that literally.If you don’t take the time to lay out the building foundation and it’s out of square or out of level or both, the framing carpenters are going to have to do extra work to create a square and level building foundation that they can work from, so that the rest of the house isn’t going to be messed up.If you do have a good building foundation, but the carpenters aren’t interested in laying out the framing properly, you’re going to have problems with your plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning, windows and doors, not to mention all of the other problems that the other subcontractors will have while building the home.Take your time and make sure that the building is laid out properly. This is the key to building a quality home.