Designer Clothing Flash Sales

You know that beautiful dress you’ve always wanted but that was too expensive to afford? The latest trend in online clothing sales might change that fact. Online clothing flash sales will allow you to afford that dress and score some other great deals in the process too. If you’re an online clothing retailer and aren’t hosting flash sale events you’re missing out.Flash sale events are limited-time, limited-stock offers of mostly hand-picked designer clothing or accessories. In general these events are announced on a membership-only website (which can be part of the main website of a clothing retailer) or by newsletter and social media. People use their e-mail address and name to sign up for the flash sale website and when they act fast they can land on some great limited-time deals. Limited time mostly is 24-72 hours with most sales or until the stock of a particular item has run out. Discounts vary greatly, from a few percent to a whopping 90% or even more.Examples of designer fashion flash sale websites are Swirl (by DailyHabit), Modnique, Editor’s Closet and Amazon’s MYHABIT. The basics are the same, but there are minor differences. Some retailers specialize in hard-to-find and up-and-coming fashion designers, while others usually stock the big fashion brands. Site design is also a factor that sets some apart from the others, some flash sale websites like MYHABIT have beautiful matching iPhone / iPad apps where you can browse all the discounted designer apparel and accessories and place your order from the comfort of your own couch.Having such limited-time, limited-stock sale events as a clothing retailer, even with minor discounts or variety can really do your business good and improve your return visitors, especially if you’re utilizing your social media and e-marketing in a good manner. The combination of limited stock and discounted items is an age-old sale trick, but seems to still work wonders in this day and age of economic recession. It’s no wonder you’re seeing more and more regular retailers incorporating sale events in their business.So when you’re low on money, but still want to have the uniqueness and luxury that most designer clothing and accessories can give you, I suggest you sign up on numerous flash sales websites like the ones mentioned above and keep track of upcoming events on each website. You’ll save a ton of money and have unique designer apparel in your wardrobe in the long run.