Is Building Layout Really Important?

Building layout is the most important part of the home building process. Do not pass go, do not collect your $200 and do not start working on a building with out having it properly laid out. In other words, yes building layout is really important and if you don’t agree with that, there’s a good chance that I know what kind of a home builder you are.You’re building layout starts with your concrete foundation. If the concrete foundation isn’t laid out properly, you’re going to have problems with the rest of your house. What if the concrete building foundation is out of square or isn’t level at one corner? To put this in simple construction terms, you’re screwed and I mean that literally.If you don’t take the time to lay out the building foundation and it’s out of square or out of level or both, the framing carpenters are going to have to do extra work to create a square and level building foundation that they can work from, so that the rest of the house isn’t going to be messed up.If you do have a good building foundation, but the carpenters aren’t interested in laying out the framing properly, you’re going to have problems with your plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning, windows and doors, not to mention all of the other problems that the other subcontractors will have while building the home.Take your time and make sure that the building is laid out properly. This is the key to building a quality home.